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Establishing Your Gaming Profile at

Comprehensive Register Guide

  1. Launch Your Journey: Whether using a desktop or mobile, navigate to ThePokies78. Find the “Register” button at the top right and give it a click.

  2. Provide Essential Info: Enter your name, email (for receiving the verification code), and date of birth as prompted.

  3. Safeguard Your Profile: Check your email for the verification code and enter it. Then, establish a strong password for enhanced security.

  4. Finalize the Process: Confirm you are at least 18, and if you desire, opt for the no-deposit bonus.

  5. Dive In: Click “Complete Registration”. Post-signup, you can add funds and enjoy the vast array of pokies!

Key Points to Remember

  • You won't need extra verification like document submissions for your initial gaming sessions.

  • Maintain a single account. Multiple accounts risk suspension on Pokies 78.

  • Be truthful. Always ensure the information provided is correct and current. Inaccuracies or misleading info might result in account deactivation.

Swift Access to The Pokies78

  1. Reach Out: From any device, go to thepokies 78 net Australia.

  2. Authenticate: Locate the pokies78 net  “Login” button, select it, then enter your registered email and created password.

  3. Begin Your Play: Click the lively green “Login” button and embrace your gaming session.

Regain Access to Your Pokies Net 78 Australia Profile

Misplaced your password or facing account issues due to security or violations? No worries, here’s your comeback route:

  1. Head to Login: Direct your browser to Pokies Net 78 homepage. Find the pokies78 net 'Login' button and select it.

  2. Find 'Forgot Password': Below the 'Password' field, you’ll notice the 'Forgot Password' option. Click to initiate recovery.

  3. Confirm Your Email: Enter the email linked to your profile. Ensure accuracy as the recovery link will be sent there.

  4. Wait for the Recovery Email: Check your inbox for the reset link from ThePokies78. If missing, inspect your spam folder.

  5. Reset Your Password: Access the link and create a formidable password. Mix uppercase, lowercase, numbers, and symbols. Double-check by confirming your new password.

  6. Re-Enter The Pokies78 Universe: With your updated password, log in and re-engage with your favourite games.

Taking a Respite: How to Deactivate Your Profile 

Thinking of a temporary or permanent departure from Thepokies 78 Net Online? We respect your decision and provide a seamless exit.

  1. Begin the Process: Login to ThePokies78 with your credentials.

  2. Explore Account Settings: After logging in, click on your profile icon/menu at the top right. Choose 'Account Preferences'.

  3. Proceed with Deactivation: Locate and select the 'Deactivate Profile' option. This step is irreversible.

  4. Confirmation Check: A pop-up ensures you're making a deliberate choice.

  5. Encounter Issues? Seek Assistance: If facing challenges, ThePokies78's dedicated support team is at your service. Email or engage via live chat, providing your username and purpose, and they'll guide you efficiently.

Fortifying Your Gaming Experience: Account Verification at Thepokies78.Net

The digital landscape of online casinos demands vigilance. At The Pokies78 Net Australia, we prioritize ensuring the security of your account and maintaining platform credibility. This article sheds light on the vital verification process and underscores its role.

Why Verification Matters

The verification procedure stands as a bastion against potential risks. Beyond mere account security, it’s about combating unauthorized activities such as fraud and money laundering and keeping minors at bay. Our goal? A transparent, just, and ultra-secure gaming environment.

Key Documents for Verification 

Embarking on your verification journey with Pokies78 Online Casino? Here's what you'll require:

  • Email Acknowledgment: After registering, you'll receive an email with a verification link. Click to confirm your email address.

  • Identity Confirmation: A clear photograph or scan of an official ID – whether a passport, driver's license, or national ID. It should visibly display your photo, full name, and date of birth.

  • Address Verification: A recent utility bill, bank statement, or official letter displaying your name and residence details. Ensure it’s no older than three months.

  • Payment Proofs: Depending on your chosen payment method, a picture of your card (concealing the middle eight digits and CVV) or a screenshot of your e-wallet might be needed.

Anticipate the Verification Review

Upon document submission, ThePokies78 starts its evaluation, typically completing within 72 hours. You'll be promptly updated about the verification outcome.

Your Data: Guarded and Confidential 

Sleep soundly. We deploy top-tier SSL encryption techniques to guard your data. Our strict adherence to data protection standards guarantees your information's safety.

Post-Verification Perks

Once verified, the dynamic universe of Pokies78 Net Australia is your oyster. Engage in games, seize bonuses, and revel in the victory rush, all with the backing of a fortified profile. Plus, remember: verification is a one-time procedure, barring any profile or payment changes.

A Crucial Note on Account Deactivation

Do you intend to close your 78 profile? Ensure you've withdrawn all remaining funds. Neglecting this can result in monetary loss, especially as reopened accounts are a rarity.

Taking a Breather with Account Holds

While 78 offers an exhilarating gaming experience, moments may arise when you seek a brief respite. Thankfully, the platform offers an option to temporarily disengage, giving you a chance to refocus.

Decoding Temporary Account Holds

Choosing a temporary hold is like hitting the 'pause' on your gaming adventure. During this phase, regular gaming activities become unattainable. Fear not; your funds stay safe and will welcome you once you resume.

Reasons for Account Suspension

Various motivations could inspire this temporary step:

  • A conscious break to ensure mindful gaming habits.

  • Balancing professional, personal, and gaming pursuits.

  • Setting out on a holiday and opting to leave your account dormant.

The Account Hold Procedure, Simplified

Putting your account on hold is straightforward:

  • Access Securely: Use your unique login details.

  • Profile Management: Click on your username or account icon, often found top-right, to access a menu. From there, select 'Account Preferences'.

  • Hold Option: In the settings area, locate the 'Hold Account' option.

  • Determine Duration: Here, choose the length of your break, ranging from a day to several months.

  • Confirmation: A pop-up or email will request your approval. Once agreed, your account remains dormant for the chosen period.

Note: Once initiated, a hold remains for its entirety. However, for any questions or support, The Pokies78 Online Casino's support team is ever-ready to assist.


To wrap it up, the Pokies 78 net's login interface is ingeniously crafted for effortless navigation and optimal user experience. Players can swiftly and securely dive into their accounts using just their username and password. And, for those occasional memory lapses, a streamlined password recovery mechanism is at your service. Amplifying the trust factor, the login portal is fortified with top-tier security protocols, guarding player data meticulously. Such a harmonious blend of user-centric design and stringent security underscores ThePokies78net's dedication to delivering a top-notch digital gaming journey for its users.


Q: How can you set up an account? 

A: Simply hit the “Register” icon at the upper right section of our site, then fill out the required fields.

Q: Forgot Your Password? No Problem! 

A: Misplaced your password? Don't sweat it! Connect with our supportive team through live chat or email, and we'll have you back and ready to win in a jiffy!

Q: Need to Update Your Email? 

A: Changing an email on our platform isn't permissible. If access issues arise or your email becomes defunct, liaise with our support team. We'll evaluate the best approach for you.

Q: Thinking of Multiple Accounts? Think Again. 

A: Holding more than one account isn't allowed. We maintain a stringent one-account-per-IP policy. If you inadvertently created extra accounts, notify our helpful team immediately. This ensures smooth transaction processing.

Q: Preferred Currency on Pokies.Net 78?

A: Our platform primarily operates with AUD. Presently, it's the sole currency we cater to. For our New Zealand friends: note that deposits are charged in AUD. Your bank or card provider will handle the conversion accordingly.